Master the Art of European Style Photo Layout Stencils with Lea France

Have you heard about European Style Scrapbooking using Photo Layout Stencils? It’s a fantastic, easy, unique technique that really makes your photos stand out and is very fun to do. Join Carine Soriano the owner and designer of Léa France who introduced this exciting new concept which displays a lot of photos on one page within an intricate design. Take this class to find out why so many scrapbookers fall in love with Léa France Stencils. Beginners are more than welcome, because if you know how to trace, cut with scissors and use adhesive tape, you are ready to create astonishing layouts!

This is a hands-on class, so come ready to have some fun with Carine! During the first hour of the class, you will create a beautiful flower layout. 2 Cardtstocks and 5 photos will be provided.

During the second part of the class, you will create your own unique layout using your own photos. Concerning the photos, you will need a lot of 4 x 6 on the same theme (all vacation, school days, holidays, etc) or photos from the same day or same occasion (Disney Trip, Anniversary Party, etc.) A lot means more than a dozen photos. The best pictures are ones that are not tight close-ups but rather have the main object no larger than 1/2 of the photo space.

As part of your class kit you will receive the Léa France best seller template – Stained Glass, along with a fine-tip dry erase marker and our step by step instruction booklet. Please bring trimmer, scissors, acid free tape adhesive, a pencil and an eraser. Cardstocks will not be provided for the second part of your project but you can buy one while at the store. It is usually a plain cardstock.

Date/Time:  Saturday, May 28, 2016

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $35

Retail value of the kit: $26.99


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